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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everything changes, but i must defend..

I'm comeback here..

There are a lot of things that change in your life, but you must still defend to pass it..

Let's see..
If you have classmates, that you think they are your friends, but they make you down and stress too much.. So? What will you do? Will you still smile and say "i'm ok with all your words"..

If your friend, i mean best friend (a long time ago) never talk to you again, but only ask you a question that you think that's not important.. Cause, why? Your friend just asks only for her/his need.. Can you still answered it and then smile?

If you in the yard, and the time is for sport lesson, and you like the lesson so much, cause that day is a time to playing basketball with your team.. Of course free team, so? What is the lack? But, of course, your two "friend's" teams want to play that time, so? Your team is never have a change to play.. Cause what? The answer is they never ask your team to play.. Maybe they don't like, maybe they think you are not important to get the change to feel how play basketball in the yard when the sport lesson take play.. Are you a part of your class? The motto of your class is ALL FOR ONE! But? There are something which show you, where is the 'all for one' meant? It's vain..

When you have a friend, but almost of your classmate don't like her.. What will you do? Are you praying to God, hoping God will change your friend like everybody wants? Or do you still want to be your friend's friend? When you are alone, she is there, with you.. When you are crying, she accompanies you, and gives you time to share your problems.. When you are hungry and you don't have anybody to rent you a little their money, your friend gives you a bread.. When you are smilling together with her, she said that you're cute.. When you are down, she says a braving words just to make you get your spirit again.. But, do you really want leave her alone? Because she don't have another friend except you.. Will you leave her because nobody like her?

Right, where are the true and the fair way? Are they miss in this world? I don't know where they are.. Do you know where? :D

How can we still hoping to be friend with 'them'? The truth is i want to be friend with them, but, there are too much differences.. I don't hope it..

Although everybody doesn't like my friends and me, i'm still stay with my heart ways..
So? I just try to open my eyes and my heart every time, choose the right and do it..

:D -koe-

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