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Monday, August 10, 2009

-Fix my self-

If people ask me, what is my dream?
I just can be silent, and smile, "i don't know"

thinking and thinking.. Which things that i can do?
Playing piano: no
eating: yes
smiling every time: no
ask God why "i am just like this": yes

however, at G.I, i saw a person which a female, very short, but is old (maybe 30 or 40), she walked with her friend..
(you know what i mean)

i ask God why you give her a bad physical like that?
Maybe you have a great plan with her? But what is that?

I have listened from my friend, he told me that God loves that people more than us. They have big problems with their body or physic, nobody likes or loves them, but God does it.

I am not like that person, but maybe her heart is mooorree kind than me.
Maybe i am worse than her.

God is so kind.. Right?
He loves everyone. That person, you, and also me.

But i can't accept my self. I am wondering why God, You give me a life like this.

But. If i see a child who sings everyday at the side of the street, just to get a little of rice. But me? Not. I'm just wait my parents give me money and then maybe i often wastes it immediately. Really crazy, yes, this is me. Have a totally great life, but still feel i'm not the lucky one.

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Anonymous said...

so after you realize that you've got to be grateful of what God has given you, what's your dream, honey? :)

you know, "dream" doesn't necessarily mean your career. it can be what you want to contribute to your family, as well as to the society. it could be your goals :) (for instance, you want to buy your parents a comfortable house to live in. so you do something about it, to make that come true :) )