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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here am i or here i am..

When you open, and read the amazing article, believe that you will know "the meaning of your life.."

i like read the most article of dewa, that's make me know what the power of God..

Life is absolutely simple, and it's no use to "broke" it with useless things..

Dewa is same like us, a young man.. A clever man, and a rich man..

But, now he is poor, but his heart is really rich.. And i like his job..

What job? Maybe you think "a best job"? Yes, because he got a chance to school in london (oxford university, how's cool?), his high intellegent so he could finished his senior highschool at 15.. (waw, i'm 16, and still be a student),
great, right?
But, he wasn't comfort in london, so he came back to indonesia and "leave his school" because he relized that God wants to make him to be "God equipment"..

It's enough today.. It's hard to klik the hp's keypad, hehe.. It's so loong and many.. :D
If you want to know more, don't forget to open the website.. Ok? :D

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