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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tomorrow i am going to have a history's exam.. T.T yes, i must to study. But i am a bit lazy to study it. Unfortunately, i must. Wish me luck.

I think all of this day, what happened in this day, i must thankful about that:
-a boring day during at school (specially when art lesson). And i must smile every day to start the day.

If i am not "she or he" with a wonderful brain I can think that God tell me that nothing can you get without your effort (effort = usaha, bukan?)

because i'm still really happy if i don't get any illness that can make life disastrously. I have one brain. One body. Two eyes. Two ears. Two hands with ten fingers. Oh. Can you imagine how can you life without your hands or feet. Or you get more from God? Three hands or two heads?
Maybe people will call you alien.

But i got it. I still normal. I still can sleep in a bedroom with a air conditioner, with a bed, study with a light, play internet using my handphone.. Yes, actually i don't have a BB, don't have internet in my house, no diesel when my light is suddenly off, or anything else that is luxurious.
I just want to be what i am supposed to. Supposed to be like this. What are the useful of a great money if i'm not happy.

I want to smile more. Study to regret people who get no more luck, as i have now.

And also i must regret my history teacher now. I must study now. Hehehe.. :D

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