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Thursday, August 27, 2009

T.T broken heart (and also broken english)

I like someone.. :D :D haha, we are not best friend, not be friend too..
Just remember his face and i can smile..

But... We are so far, we are so so soo really2 far..
Our world isn't same..
"Just say hi and try to smile," that's only i can do..
I don't know "who" he like, but i know she's not me..

I'm just be down and don't want to see him with "her"..
Try to smilee when i see them together..

But i think i can't, so hard, so sad.. T.T
maybe he like "her" and "she" like him, too..
So, what can i do now?
Nothing, just can prepare my heart to be sick..

I don't want to meet him tomorrow, see him make me stress and know i can't to be close with him..

I don't want to meet "her", it's hard to let her with him (broken english?).. I don't want to get exkul (i'm lazy to play basketball, now)..

Buutt, this is life.. A simple life, it's not so useful just to thinking of him, right? (i say that cause i'm just try to make me happier, hahaha)..

But, my friend "Aurel", said: "we must try to get that love, cause love can't come to us without our effort".. I think it's right..
However, i can't lie my self..
I know what the results if i decide to still trying to reach that love..
Sick.. Be sick.. So my heart must defend from that sickness.. So hard..!

I try to smile at school tomorrow, and i hope i get a happiness (just a happiness) tomorrow.. :)

:) thank you for my belonging friends, for your encourages, all of them make me still hope to stepping to get my dream..

:) thank you

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