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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:( :| :) :D

Actually i get one follower again.. :) hihi..

Part one:
i miss my sister so much, haha, she got a strange ill, we call it: "cold blood=darah dingin".. Then china got typhoon, and yesterday she got flood, of course..

Part two:
the best article is:
i think i am on the way (otw) of getting my happiness again.. Haha, long time to see again.. Welcome back.. Forget problems, enjoy my simple life..

Part three:
i'm so stressed about my future..
Last Sunday, at church i see Michael, 7 years old, and he is close blind (i mean= his eyes are closed).. But, he is so great when he is playing piano.. So interested for me.. And then, he makes me thinking, what will i be next?

Part four:
blind boy (sesca said this, when i asked her what "org buta" in english..
I mean a blind boy can get his way for his future..
And i can't press sol (=5) at piano greatfully.. Why??
No practise of course,
no talent maybe.. :)

part? What part? I don't know..
Last part i think:
let me forget him.. Unuseful feeling, because there will be my best later, not him now.. :) i hope so..

:) the end.

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