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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everyone feel this.. :0

Nobody teaches us to be loved,
but everybody teach us to love,

nobody can tell us how often we must be loved,
but everybody can tell us to always love, more and more,

nobody gives us advice what the ways, so everybody will love us,
but everybody give us advice the ways to love,

nobody shows us, what will we must be, so everybody will love us,
but everybody show us to love without exception (=syarat),

but, the facts are:
everybody want to be loved but they never want to start loving another people..

Yes.. it's will be really sick,
by loving people, but those people don't care about us,

but, i think it's so usual,
i think:
"LOVE" is care to somebody, when maybe that person never care to you,

"LOVE" is not always make you smile, but, of course "LOVE" is bring you strength,

"LOVE" often make you down or stress or jealous, but, "LOVE" is a trust that you believe that "LOVE" is not must be mine, maybe someday, "LOVE" leave you alone,

but sometime "LOVE" are the strength, the power to pass your day, the power to be smile, and the power to get happiness,

but, i really feel that "LOVE" often make you really really down, but, not for a long time.. Then you can get up, have a new power, and of course still keep the "LOVE" inside,

"LOVE" is a grace, the biggest grace that God had already given us, and until now, his "LOVE" is still alive for us,

"LOVE" is like as a water in the river, that will be flow and it's just stop when we stuck the flow..
So, never stop our heart to be LOVING and be LOVED..

and i know that "LOVE" is between me, but isn't between "you"..

but i really believe, i still have "LOVES", those are between me and you, and YOU GOD..

God bless you.. :)


sofiaswritersblock said...

I just stumbled on this post...but i have to say this was really sweet... :)

k.o.e.k.i said...

Hehehe, thank you..