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Friday, November 27, 2009

love isn't...

"Love isn't always as you see it
love isn't always as you dream it should be
love isn't always gonna find you
but this is love cause you're all I'm thinking of."

To my dearest sister,
i know that your love isn't always be happy, no one can through it with laugh only, but with the tears.
love needs patience, waiting for the time, to grow up together with you.
love needs heart, and also heart needs love, and i know you are right.
love needs take care of each other, sharing to your family, happy, sad, praying, and singing together.
love needs a distance, and if it's so long and far, love is never give up to reach.
love needs you, and me.
love needs togetherness, talking at night, walking over the night.
love needs your hope, your dreams, your futures, and your imagination.

and also..
every second needs love,
every morning proves love,
every breath proves love,
every moment needs love,
every life needs love,
and every time you sure that is love, go through it and never give up to prove your love,
although the difference of you,
although the time limit you,
although the distance want to let your love go,
try to belive and you'll be see that your true love is now and hope it for forever.

i really miss you, and i love you so :)

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