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Friday, November 27, 2009

my little edited note XD

This note belongs to:
people who LOVE and still LOVING-

Sometime i try to forget you,
everytime i'm thinking of you,

sometime i try to feel like you feel (tasteless),
everytime i feel more and more colourful because of you,

sometime i try to throw away that "LOVE" is,
everytime "L0VE" is coming and still coming without give me a gap,

sometime i pray to God, for my better live without you,
how often i pray, i realize more and more that i can't live without you,

sometime i feel like a fool in a certain time, but,
everytime i really-really like a fool when i'm together with you,

sometime i'm a nervous,
everytime i lose all my words to say, when we are talking together,

sometime i think i just want to remember you once,
everytime i still thinking of you,

everytime i think i'm sure you will not be mine,
sometime some parts in my heart want you will be mine,

somewhere i think i'm brave to show what i feel about you,
everywhere i meet you, i lose my bravery rapidly,

sometime i'm depressed,
a very-very little care from you will erase all my depressions,

sometime i feel boring and tiring to pass my day,
by seeing your face,
by seeing your smile,
by seeing your laugh,
will make me defend to through it,

sometime i feel i'm nothing,
everytime you smile at me, i feel like i'm so precious,

sometime i'm easy to enjoy something new,
everytime i'm staying beside you, i get stuck and silent in many language (=diam seribu bahasa mksudnyaa),

sometime i try to see every people's eyes when i have a conversation with,
everytime he starts talking to me, i'm really like having a big problem (just to see his eyes),

sometime i feel i'm alone,
i feel i'm so-so happy everytime you come, althrough you just smile at me,

sometime i feel desperate,
it's like a new spirit of happiness, everytime you give me a very little-little-little chance to know you more,

sometime i don't like waiting,
a message from you will make me want to wait so long-long time,

sometime i'm calm,
everytime he looking at me, i'm getting crazy, crazier and craziest (i feel my heart sent a dag-dig-dug sound),

everytime i'm so stupid at certain lesson,
sometime i want to show him that i'm clever at (actually i'm trying to be clever at that lesson)

everytime i'm waiting for his message, by seeing my handphone more and more,
but also,
everytime i'm waiting, i feel hopeless so much,

everytime i'm waiting for his greeting,
but also,
everytime i'm waiting, it's make me down,

everytime i'm waiting for that lesson,
but also,
everytime i'm waiting, it's seem usual, just sit and do our duty without talking each other,

everytime i feel i must write about something i want to share, like this note,
and everytime i must do really-really hard to keep my note doesn't lose, cause i often klick the wrong "tombol", and then my long note disappear, "syuuungggg",
and never come back until i'm writting agaiinnn.. >.<

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Sebastian Suwisar said...

waaaaawwww... bwat sapa tuh?? hehe..