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Saturday, December 12, 2009

heyy, there are smiless todayy :D

i'm just so really-really happy todayyy..

because of one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven reasons??
I don't know, i can't remember how mucchhh happiness that i have got todayy..

i went to Gading with:
Awurel, Nong-nong, Ye-ye, Mar-mar, ocii
Kepin, idwal, danil, willy, kus-kus

i went to MOI with:
Nong-nong and Aurel,
and of course with tukang bajaj, haha,
ceban-ceban, hen kueii lahh yaaa..??
XD we didn't get facilities like we expected, haha..

-a little smile come when i must bring a gift to him-
-a little smile then grows up, and then become a really-really big smile-
-a big smile then grows up, become a little laugh-

-shock, depresion, miss understanding with them, debate, all of them just like threw away from my heart, just todayy maybeee-
-a shocked from Nero and him-

oooh, Nero, how cool are you if you didn't bark at me like this afternoon.
i just can stand up, with a crazy face, really like a crazy facee, really-really.
i just thought where is my handphone, so i can call Marcella to save me from Nero..

who is Nero?

A dog (amalgamasi=perkawinan campuran from kampung and labrador), he so bigg (to me), so scary (for me, nong-nong, and aurel)

nero, really, you make me dag dig dug, at marcella's house, of coursee, my dagdigdug is just only for youu,
i had a unable to explained facee, really surprised and also afraid, 100% is afraidd so mucch..

but, at gading, my dagdigdug is a little bit different, :p
different moment,
different people,
differen placee,
of coursee.. XD

really, it's hard to explain,
just me, my friends and God who know thatt happiness,

God, just really-really thx for:
11st december 2009
it's not just a datee, but a day that i can't be forgeet, always in my memorial, :D

thx to my beloved friends,
and to nong-nong:
life must go on, maybe God have different way to make you 'mandiri (what is mandiri in english?),

soo? Keep prayingg and let God lead you..
don't think you do first and then God do the rest?
Do you think God is just like 'pengikut',

but, actually,
God is the leader, right? :D

thx to:
a christmas carol, one word:
T 0 P (alias mantaapp, wkwkaa),
sorry for Aurel, whose hands i have hit so many timess, during the film goes on..

Thx to:
mr Jalean,
i wasn't feel bored when i was in your taxii,
your experiment so greatt :p

to God, really,
this is happiness alonggg dayy,
just don't want to sleep,
cause i'm so happy to remember all these,

from this morning doing sport exam,
until this night go out from taxi with smilee~~

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