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Saturday, December 19, 2009

when everyone is far awayy, i'm still waitingg for

i'm just at home, lonely,

waiting for something special on this holiday,

hoping a new spirit on my simple life,

missing every friends in another place,

i miss Tat-tat,

i miss Aurel,

i miss Payet,

i miss Ijo,

i miss Siska,

i miss Nong-nong,

i miss Mar-mar,

i miss Ye-ye,

i miss Novi,

i miss Oci,

i don't miss your face,
because i don't forget your face actually,
i just really-really miss the time when I'm together with you..

just playing with you,
just talking with you,
just crying with you,
just laughing with you,

can i playing, talking, crying, laughing without you?
i think yess, if i'm a little bit crazy..

heyy, where are you, guys?
i'm just waiting for some friends in my mind to send me a little message on my handphone,
i'm just waiting for you, on my facebook,
i miss youu so,
i'm just waiting for your laugh, for our togetherness,

what's wrong with my heart, recently?
i'm just feel nothing, and tasteless of course,
with smile, i just can say: "i don't know why"

to one person of my friends:
maybe i'm not "a friend" that you want, but please,
the times goes on, and our friendship is going far away too,
don't you realize it?

you still call me best friends, but where?
where is the meaning of "friendship" for you?
i just want to say that : "i really miss youu, my friend"

nothing special when i woke up this morning,
but i know, i can wake up today is really special for me,
it's a sign that i still alive..

i'm doing anything like yesterday-yesterday- and still like yesterday,
i always hold my handphone, my crazy handphone, and now, i'm tiring to hold it..
what's wrong with me???

heyyy, you, guys,
thank you for all your kindness to me,
i'm nothing without you,
i'm not the best,
i'm not perfect,
yess, i'm who i am..

all of my friends, i love youu soo..

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