I'm getting older, and hope I'm getting better.. :D

Today, 7 April is really my lovely day,
my lovely birthday,
my 17th birthday.. :D

first of all,
of course i thx to God for His blessing,
for His love so He gives me a long breath,
a long day to seeing the world,
a long heart to try keep smiling,
but actually my life is also full with tears,
but there is always a big proud to say, "Now i'm 17 years old!",
many things that i've seen, i've feel,
=missing my sisters,
=seeing how beautiful the wolrd is,
=have fun and great things with my best friends,
=knowing and also passing the amazing life that God has given to me!

:D i'm say that I'm happy,
must being happy for the new age, for a new spirit, for a new year,

17 is a big number, maybe tomorrow will be my 17years old ++,
but i will never forget this dayy..
For every things that my friends, family, and Lord given to me,
Smile and laugh,
tears and sadness,
happiness and wisdom,
life and wealth,
health and breath,
love and peace,
mother and father,
dede and ayen,
friends and best friends:
-Aurellia (muaaahh :p)
-Velicia (miss u so :D)
-Marcella (si gatel yg baik hatii)
-Siska (chuuu)
-Nadia adeekuu
-Oci :p
-Nene (:D)
-Yeye ( :D)
-Bayii muaach
-Sherwin si genduut
-Kus2 yang lagi diett, hehe ;p
-All my friends, i love youu
-And also Idwal :p hehe
my life and my future.

Now i'm 17 years old,
but i know and realize that i'm not getting older (maybe a little-little),
but i'm getting better and better, i'm sure :D

I hope a good day like this day will never end,
i hope a new handphone really! >.< but, i will be patient to wait for it.. 6760, i want youu soo.. :p haha
I hope a new spirit to get thinner, :D
I hope smiles always here in my lips,
I hope the good for me, but God know the best!

thx God for this day,
this lovely day,
this life, my life,
my family, my friends,
and all my day.
Here i'm coming to be 17years old. :D
Here I'm coming to have smiles and praises in my life :D
hope soo ;D