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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have you ever felt that you are so annoying?
Or have you ever met someone so annoying?

No use?
No talent?
Be wrong and never be right?
If YES, you're same with me..

"No use to tell and so It saves it.
No use to change so It's still.
No use to remind because it wants peace.
No use to talk because it needs silence.
No use to smile because it's dishonest.
No use to cry because it's vain.
No use to be happy because it's not.
No use to try knowing because they said it's private.
No use to refuse it, because they never comes.
No use to look for the best way on it because nobody wants.
No use to get across them because they said it's too late.
No use to be still care because the tiring.
No use to be free because it doesn't happened.
No use to try to make all ok because the lonliness.
No use to get up early because nobody care of it.
No use to think life is good if it wasn't.
No use to say it but it's no act.
No use to be like it, if you weren't.
No use to know all about the theory but it's so far.
No use to have change to get back because every disappoinment had come.
No use to imagine the past because time is never be back.
No use to remember them because it has gone."

it's only a piece of someone journey and they never give up to make the opposite of them all.

Bless you :)

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