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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


no one perfect and i'm really not!

i can't know what you might think about me.
i can't get all things what i expected.
i can't tell you what my heart feels.
i can't accept all your words that make me down.

but i can try accept you to gone away and said to me, i'm the worst friend, maybe.

you know what i was feeling that time, but then no reason you just said it to me.
no thinking about my feeling and maybe you think i don't have a heart, oh no, maybe you think i don't have "a piece" of heart.

just one word: GOOD! Just keep it for your fun.

then i ask why, and you said the worst reson too.
so really i'm so not in the mood. good job, friend.

see then, who i'm for you? just a big doll?
as you wish, right.
or maybe i'm just a tool?
good. then when i was "broken", you threw me far away.

actually, really i want to throw the bad word away, and think it's all rihgt.
but it's really hard and you never know how really i want it.

so now, what can i do? just sit thinking of you and wondering why did you say it to me?
it's just a simple word but i know the meaning is deeper.

ok, just forget it, because today my first holiday and i don't want you just come and walk and talk in my head, again and again.
it's all rihgt.
i'm appologize if i have hurt you.
And let see, still we be friend?

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greenturtle said...

anda mungkin tidak mengerti apa yang mereka pikirkan, apa yang mereka rasa. mungkin anda tidak merasa bersalah dan menganggap kalo mereka itu mempermainkan anda, tidak menghargai anda, dsb..
tapi cobalah lihat, apa benar-benar anda tidak bersalah? apa anda tidak coba melihat apa yang sudah anda lakukan? yang anda lakukan pada mereka?
saya tahu anda tidaklah sempurna..
tapi coba lihat apa yang anda lakukan ketika ada di posisi mereka?
merasakan hal yang sama? ya
merasakan sakit yang sama? pasti
mungkin hal yang anda lakukan akan berbeda dari mereka..
tetapi kalau anda seperti ini, anda tidak akan pernah melihat dan mengetahui apapun.
berpura-pura menyesal tapi tidak tahu apa-apa, tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah..
tidak kah anda mencoba bertanya pada mereka? tidak kah anda mencoba menghilangkan ego anda dan mencari tahu?
apakah anda tidak pernah berpikir tentang hal-hal apa saja yang mereka lakukan demi anda, entah yang anda sadari atau tidak?

saya harap hati dan pikiran anda cukup dewasa, dan terbuka dengan pemikiran-pemikiran tentang orang lain dan bukan tentang diri anda sendiri.. :)

GOD Bless..