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Monday, July 5, 2010

try to brighten for a smile-

i miss her so much.
and i really want to meet her.
i miss all of them,
seeing in the photos. and i know she are here in my heart.

I'm sorry Lord for the things I'd made it.
when it's all about You, Jesus.

for the new class, new year for study at twelve. i hope it is the right time for create my future. see my future. and hopefully for my future too

I'm coming with all the sins, the hard and the worst thing.
I'm not anyone and I'm really not anything without You.

see the brighten, for all the commitments. for all smile.
for doing all the talent that You had given to me.
everyone has miracle, and I've too.
for growing up, be positive, and be sure.
I'm still in metamorphosis. and these are my efforts.

waiting for the new body, for being a butterfly.
hope for the newer for me, so I can fly around the world and seeing how great all the nature that You've created.
I'm a girl with a big misunderstanding and I'm the way of being curious.
this is me. really me.

i have a best song:
Lord You are loyal
never leave me alone
and I trust on You
You are mine
and I am Yours

My desire is make higher Your name
b'cause I know
You are in me
and I'm in You

Change my life oh Lord
as white as Your heart
as right as Your cross
Your love ooh Lord ooh

Let my eyes as yours
brighten Your love oh Lord
I want to be, like You oh Lord

that's all :)

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