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Monday, August 1, 2011

coming again!

thx Lord.. it's already a half year of 2011 :) so fast but still i know it's really a bless from You!
and I will be a university student, at Untar, yes, i've chosen design for my next lesson :) and i promise i will study hard!
and i really surrender to You because i know that all the things You've planned for me is the one and the best. I will not be jealous with another person, actually i will try to not to be jealous, and if i still want to be a chef, i will practice cooking at home :)on the contrary, I will be envy to learn about something from another person, and i hope i can do that :)

thx really for my holiday, my best friends, my family, my sisters, and for Your best love :) i hope i can be better and better :D

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