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Monday, October 10, 2011

words called prayer

God, there are many ways in this life, too many choices that You’ve given to me. But, choices really make me confuse and I don’t know how I can choose one from them.

God, I know that You are so good and You give me more than I need,
You give me smile when I’m crying,
You give me a place when I was lost,
You give me time when I think I was late,
You give me peace when I think I was lonely,
You give me life when I think I’m nothing and world without me is still the same.

God, I hope there still long time for me to change, for me waiting and believe. I don’t know how can I through the life without You, because from You the breath was given, and still You give it to me.

God, please, never go away from me because I’m really nothing without You.

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