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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another about mine

Where are you?
Where are we supposed to be?

I'm just need my self be strong,
I'm just want open my eyes, open my heart and believe it.

Let me walk the street alone,
enjoy that time, sing when i'm alone, pray when i'm in trouble,
crying when i'm praying, smiling when i feel i'm nothing, and hoping for the future.

Let me know something that i hope i can know it,
let me smile when i feel this world is never fair,
let me be my self, and let me to believe something that is hard to believe,
let me down, let me cry, and i will be strong enough,
let me convince about this life, the fact and the feeling,
let me show that this is me.

Let me tell everything that i want to explain,
let me listen everything that i properly to know, and i will keep it as a secret,
let me know what i feel and if i can asking my heart, i will ask,
let me know what i should to do and if my heart can tell me what, i will follow it,
let me follow my heart, as you always say,

let me smile and i hope it's never end,
let me fly away in the sky and get back with belief in my heart,
let me waiting in the rain, standing and praying,
let me sitting down on the street, seeing every precious thing in this life,
let me walking on night, but there's not fear anymore,

let me show that i'm here and i wish i always here,
let me walking together with time, so i don't afraid it leave me behind,
let me singing alone so i can feel better,
let me ask you to stay, so i can always walk with you,

let me know the meaning of all things that happened to me,
let me know the purpose of my life, so i can try to be in that way,
let me imagine that i'm a thing, and i will be smile forever,

let me tell you sorry for the mistakes that i made,
let me heal it, if i can, and i will pray for you in every pray that i shout,

let me be me, and i promise i will be the best of me,
let me be everything as Your plan, so i can be the best of Yours,
let me be with you although it's hard to accept it,
let me choose my choice, and i will be the owner of my heart and soul.

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