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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

can i strengthen you?

It's hard to explain my self, and my mind, yours and others.
It's hard to choice, but i really know that I've already choose it.

Lord, let me be wise, so i can listen to her, and i will do my best for her.
Just make me sure about Your kindness for her, and i believe You will, and i will wait for that time.
As You wish.
Make a smile on her lips. But surely i know, i must give her strength to support her. but really it's hard, only silent and i say it's hard, how can i give her strength and give her a hug? i think it's the best way, but i didn't do it. where is my bravery?

And for him too. I don't know everything about him, but i always pray for him, i hope it's always forever. but, my dream is want to see you smile, be happy. i can't understand you, and maybe you can't understand me. we are not close by each other. but, believe me, i want you to smile and may Lord listen to my dream.

I don't know, really don't know. Who is right, who is wrong. why this always happen? just a few moment i see a smile, but, it's seems a long time, to see anger and disappointed. where is the love? i ask to listen to your heart, and maybe you will see it?

I'm here alone, seeing you, and i need to see a happiness, please, just a moment and i can dreaming about something that i really want to see and feel. nothing impossible, right? so, it's not too strange that i will wait it, and if i need to do something, please Lord give me the bravery so i will do something useful for you.

Just remember how i was, and we were. and i hope i will see the future, seeing you smile, listening every amazing words, feel that this is we are supposed to be, because this is home, and i hope it will be the best home ever.

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