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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let You be the leader of my life

God, really i feel like i'm nothing.
i'm not someone that can give the best for people who loves me.
i'm nothing so people, who i think they will care about me, prove me, they didn't care about me.
yes it's nothing.
hope but it's never come.

God, forgive me, i made all the things became wrong.
God, forgive me, i know i was so bad.
God, let me change my self, change my mind, so i will be a better person.
God, let me show You that i was so sorry to make You hurt.
God, please be with me every day, every minutes, every second, every breath that i breathe, every time i am alive.

Thank you God, for today, for a chance i can tell you anything else, and thank you for Your kindness to me and all people who i love and people who love me.
Thank you for one more chance to let me see this day, God.

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