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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sing Happy Birthday to youu

Happy birthdayy my beloved sister.
Really i miss you so much, we are so far, but i know and i believe i am there with you.
20! it's not too young and it's not too short to know and feel that the kindness of God still be with you.
I'm really wish the best best best for you,
your life,
your future,
your choice of your life,
your study,
your everything!

I believe that God will listen my wishes, and He will give it to you, as His plan.
Just believe and listen to your heart, and you will be the better of you.
I know that it's hard to do, but i know you can.

Thank you Lord,
because You always walk with her,
love her,
bless her,
give her strength and happiness,
sadness to prove that she will be more stronger,
problems to make her wise,
tears to feel that sometimes you need to be hurt,
smile to show that you have the joy,
and because You always there, in her heart, she need You and please still with her in every second in her journey of her life.

Thank you Lord, for one more year You give her.
Because i love her, i miss her, and i want she be the best, for You and for her life.

Thank You for today, she can smile, she is happy and i believe she is beloved.
Lord, thank you, for Your plan, You made she, and You made me. And the best part is "i met her and she met me, as one in our family."

Your love is higher, higher than the heaven,
Your wise is deeper, deeper than the earth,
Your mercy wider, wider than the ocean,
i will never let You go, never ever let You go.

i love you,
Happy sweet-sweet 20th birthday, my sister!!
Wish you all the best, God Bless you always :)

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