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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open the heart and i hope i will..

Thanks God i can smile and i can pray to You.

Let You lead my life, and i'm sure i will be the best.
Let me asking You and i know that You will give me all the things that i need, as Your plan.
Let me the light, give someone hope, and also have a hope.

Now i know what the meaning of Promise.
And i will make it just for You.

I know and i want try to always accept everything that happened in my life.

For my all family, for my study, for my heart, for my dreams, and for my happiness.

I hope someday i will give the best for my family, for the home, for a place and for a relation that i always call it "family".
I hope someday i will see they smile and i will be glad.

I hope i can listen everything from my heart, because i know You tell me the truth, and Your plan from a thing that i call it "heart".

And if i always walk with You, God, believe that i'm Yours and i will be Your light in this world, i hope i can always make You smile, a big smile.
I hope i can make You proud, because i just made from dust and soil, without Your kindness i still be nothing, no chance to breathe, no chance for praise You.
So, i really want life with You, know You more, and we are be the Father and child forever.
Make me always smile because i know You've given to me hundred reasons to smile.

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