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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is coming soon.

i'm know nothing on 2012.

nothing about my family.
nothing about my future.
nothing about my life.
nothing about love.
nothing about study, i can still defend or not.
nothing about the kindness and the badness.
nothing about crying and laughing.
nothing about the progress, i will be a better person or not.
nothing about always be with You or not.
nothing about friendship, it will be continue or not.
nothing about my seriousness be Your servant.
nothing about my mind.
nothing about everything that i am going to see.
nothing about everything that i will feel.
nothing, really is nothing.
because i know next year is a mystery, nobody know it, nobody can guess it.
and tomorrow is still mystery.
for that, so i'm begging to You, for Your kindness and love to a pity and pathetic life.
so whatever the 2012 is walking, i still can be strong, and i hope You still want walking:
with me,
with this fragile country,
with my small family that i hope it will be beloved family,
with my lovely people that i love and miss them,
for the time toward 2012.
because in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

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