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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

before-after 25.12.11

No bravery to explain what i feel. sorry. i prove it at night. but it was nothing maybe for you, we always like this?

Busy with my self, fix the christmas tree, looking for the decorations for christmas and do it alone.

be angry. get conflict. lie. cry. want to give you something one day before christmas. i got what i must got and it's all because of me. only one in my bedroom. laying in my bed. eat the bread that i bought an hour ago. seeing the christmas tree. seeing the light. pray to God. christmas was broken caused me. i'm sorry.

Go to church, pray and sing, sorry. Merry christmas. eat. take picture. i realized something when i was at church, so sad.

always have conflict. cook. sing. and i miss You. remember that "if you pray about something you want to be, God will give that day with problems so that you can be want you want to be." i'm so far from You. i want to be patient. really. help me God.

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