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Sunday, January 1, 2012

people say "happy new year"

THANK YOU LORD, for the new year :)
about 2012 is now.

if 2011 is already passed and i still have a chance to have and pass the 2012, it's so amazing.
for the sins that i'd done in the past, let it pass away, so that i will make the new and better will be.
for the tears that i'd dropped in the past, make it just a natural of someone life, so i will be stronger than before.
for the hug from my mother and my sister, i will remember it always, i hope we have a harmonious family, because it's our big dream, right?
for the smile and laugh that appeared on my lip, i say it's Your kindness for me.
for the love, You've given to me, i pray gratefully.
for the anger, i was sorry if i had hurted You and forgive me and remind me to be patient.
for the healthy and illness,
for the weak and strong,
for when i was rich or poor,
for when i was confuse or sure,
for when i was down or up,
for when i was nothing or something,
for when i could make someone's happy or sad,
for the loneliness and togetherness,
for the praise and indignity,
for the rain and sun,
for the morning and night,
for the fireworks this night,
for the family and home,
for me and my prayer,
for everybody's prayer, the hope for 2012.

just make me get a chance to pass and walk on this year.
for everything, smiles and tears, silent or shouted, walk or run, fall and wake, hug or hide, sleep or awake, study or play, dream and fact, friend or enemy, eat or diet, go forward or go back, struggle or surrender, manage or be influenced, love and be loved.
choose it! i choose it, or You choose it for me, please :)

i say it again "welcoming 2012!"

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