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Thursday, December 8, 2011

what a night means to me

That night, i was looking for something. something beautiful and i wish i could find it.

That night. i was walking on the street, seeing everything and seeing the light, make me wonder that that was night of wonderful light.

That night, i was thinking in my bedroom about everything that i just passed.

That night, i was seeing the moon, and hope there was stars too.

That night, i planned to staying outside all night, listened the sound of fireworks, and i would be really happy.

That night, i went outside with him, and her, just for seeing fireworks, so beautiful.

That night, i set the christmas tree and prayed to You for amazing christmas and for my promises to You.

That night, i heard they shouted and i just could pray and hide.

That night, i was listening to her story and try to strengthen her and also crying with her.

That night, i was talking to her, talked about our dreams and hoped someday it will be true.

That night, i was crying alone, and i was sure that You heard me, and i would be better.

That night, i was thinking of you and i hope you was fine.

That night, i shouted in my heart, where are You, God? But i know You are always in my heart.

That night, i stayed to do my homework and i was happy you accompany me.

That night, i was with you.

That night, i wasn't alone.

That night, i felt a happiness.

That night, i missed her.

That night, i prayed.

That night, i saw her and hope she will be fine, always.

That night, i talked to him, only a short word but i know he was happy and i was too.

That night, i received a message from him and i was smiling, he was apprehensive of me.

That night, i was dreaming.

That night, i was walking outside to seeing fireflies.

That night, i was joking with her, saying that i love her, and i was laughing.

That night, i was sleeping.

That night, i was happy when i know that she bought me my favorite food.

That night, i was grateful to God, for every moment that already happened along that day.

That night, You made a new journey about my life.

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