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Monday, January 30, 2012

look up

cause every second i breathe, yes, You are here.
every step i take,
every word i say,
every moment i'm alive, yes, You are always here.

i don't know maybe i am the one who feel this feeling.
confused,wondering why and how.
it's seem i just play with my own brain. puzzle. it's maze.

where i must go out from this? i don't know whether it's only my crazy thinking or it's a fact, a pathetic fact that i know, surely i must walk on it.

i wondering why, and i always ask God in my sad pray, but You always remembering me, You know the best of what You given to me. this my life. whole of my life.

i don't know God, really where i am supposed to do? hide? cry? pretend? forget all the things? and i don't want to care about anything? please let me know before it's too late.

i don't want become like this. and i know You don't want i have this thought. but surely, this is the max so i can't pretend that everything in my thought is still right.

God, tell me , with your remarkable way, i don't want grow up with the same of me now. show me the chance God, and if i'd already pass it before i had realized it, i'm sorry, and please give me another chance to be new me.

But, if You want i still like i am now, so, let me just perish my thought so i can smile and be free. this is my petition to You, God.

God, You always tell me to believe in You, for everything that happened, for my future, for the things that i like and i want to be in, for Your promise, for Your guidance, for Your words, for Your wish, for Your plan, for Your amazing grace. it's seem to easy, and i know i must. but in the reality, now i know i must struggle to believe in You, cause how do i live without You? i know You never let me go, and i want keep holding Your hand in every way i step.

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