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Monday, January 16, 2012

more than billon people in the earth, but here i am

Do you ever realize?

God create so many many people in this world. one? ten? hundred? thousand? million? billion? i don't know but so many, and i can't count it.

And then, God create with the differences one by another. i am not you, and you are not me. because one thing, we are different.

Every people with different wish, different dream, different physical, different culture, diffrent belief, different hobby, different imagination, different feel.
and God really know the best right?
so whenever i can't be someone else, He still give chance to be my self.
to like everything that is free.
from the simple to the wonderful thing that i love and love so:
sleeping. eating. cooking.
singing. playing. cycling.
reading. writing. drawing. coloring. capturing. thinking.
dreaming. walking. standing. traveling. watching.
seeing the world.
seeing the cloud.
seeing sunset.
seeing fireworks.
getting idea. getting my dreams.
forgiving. praying. loving.

i want to be my best, and also every people want to be the best of them.
because this is still the start of 2012, get your dreams, and start to step your and my little step.

i don't know what the future i will get, and i know i am not the best over billion people in this world, and not the better than them. when i see people that have a great talent, really amazing and i envy sometime, but i will try to get my step, step by step until the end of my age. because every people always say, "learning until the end. there is no word too late to get what you want and you dreams." so please God, be with me, and lead me to the thing i love and i dreams, but as usual, it will be as You wish.

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