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Saturday, March 10, 2012

i'm sorry when i just let you go

seeing a beautiful woman from a sketch paper. she's beautiful, but with a sad eyes. where are you now? i just so arrogant never say hello and never try to know you more. you have a good talent, and yes you will be a designer, i hope :)

seeing a bird flying at the sky one afternoon, no depress, just fly and be free.

thinking that we are near, but you and i never be same. sometime i think you and i have a different thought and yes, we are different.

seeing people around me and then i'm thinking about them.

begging to lead me so i still in You.

remembering for a word called friend, it still means for me or not.

and i still hoping you give me a chance to love and let me be with what i want to be mine. for the many reasons you gave it to me, i know you don't want i through this, but please, give me time so i will prove it slowly, can i still with you. because it's just like a rainy day.

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