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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

one and two

it's not easy as we take care of it
keep holding one another hand
keep listening one another dream
keep trying to smile although it's hard to do

yes, we are friend
and we know it
but one realized that friend is not always like this
just have a silence around
you do it by your self and so do i

how can we be a friend?
just for minute one can't listen and say
one with her busy day and one was thinking
one with poker face, set it as we are just okay

how can time separated us?
still remember the tears that you shed it for me
still remember the laugh that you show it to me
one was sharing, one was listening
yes that's friend

when one realized that two walk together
but their mind are flying over the sky
could one stop it and asking for the better?
thinking and maybe not
but one is begging yes

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