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Saturday, March 10, 2012

rain and me

i read from a book, and i will rewrite it,
"aku suka hujan, karena hujan gak pernah memilih dimana ia akan jatuh ke bumi, untuk siapa pun itu, untuk yang baik atau yang buruk, untuk yang kaya atau yang miskin, untuk yang bahagia atau yang bersedih, untuk yang bergaul atau sendirian, untuk kamu maupun aku."

Rain and me

My step and my footprint is start to over
and you, the rain begin and start
i still can walk and hide over the trees
until i through the bridge and you more bigger

i like to see you down to the earth
your smell, your sound, you're peaceful for me
i like to feel you, your body mix into soil

i don't mind to wait for you
standing alone on the bridge
just for waiting and seeing you
seeing the vehicles in the rain
seeing people standing far away from you

although so cold whenever you touch me
and the wind comes so close to me
and the light surprises me
i still smiling for you because you're accompany me

for the creator of you, i know that you more than just drops of water
so thankful because the rain and me today
because i can stop walking and seeing with eyes of heart
and because i met the rain on the bridge

"watching you made me remember who is the creator of us"

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