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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

one day and now

one day she will be one hold the dream comes true,
but now just let her thinking and dreaming.

one day she will prove to all that this is her choice,
but now just live with a big question and hesitation.

one day she will show the world the cheerful smile on her lip,
but now just forgive her when she was crying.

one day she will make happiness for beloved people around her,
but now she's trying.

one day she want be happy and wait for a day in a week,
but now just remember how hard it could be a fact.

one day she will listen for the truth,
but now please know she's struggling for it.

one day she will meet the creator,
but now she's begging to stay with and just feel Him.

one day she will be more simple,
but now just let her thinking and asking.

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