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Sunday, July 15, 2012

first second and third

please tell me how i can explain this feeling?
sad? of course.
or just little bit different.
i don't know really.
where am i. for the time i must enjoy my holy-day,
tell me, where were YOU and i get going?

first, i was thinking about you. but don't you realize i need support,
i need a hug and i need your smile.
but you aren't with me. so sorry if i disappointed you. but please, i just a human.
i'm needing you, but you just came and go, you just said and left, you just smiled and had bad mood.
i was crying, but must my whole life just filled with tears?
so please, i just need something to blow my mind. and flying.

second, i'm sorry to you for the things i'd done. if it hurted you, always.
i'm sorry i can't tell you the truth, and i just want to live in a silence.
i'm sorry if the times flies so fast and change so fast, and so do i.
do you why the sky and the earth didn't be one? maybe someday it will be.

third, i just thank to You, Lord, for my breath. i don't want make so much decision without You,
cause moving without You like flying without sign.
Lord, which place You want put me in this world? i'm just seaching.
i'm just hoping You, but please do Your plan to me, although in that way i just can crying.
i'm just who i am. but please, i need them really. that makes my day so beautiful, make my day wow.
tell me, if it's hurt to make a choice, but it's harder to break a vow.
where they are hiding. or just take me out from the hiding place.
Lord, what can i do with my life that You've given to me?
drinking water as i can't drink anymore?
live as i can live enjoyable?
dream as i can imagine and never decide to wake up?
how's about You, Lord?
my dreams just mine.
my hope just mine.
my beautiful plan just mine. How's Yours?

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