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Friday, July 20, 2012

How spell happiness.

How sweet life with happiness.
It's sound good or maybe best.
For me it's like seeing the sea and feel the wind.
For me it's like flying without wings.

How sweet can life with happiness.
No blaming someone for what happend it take.
Just take scoop for your sadness.
And also scoop for your happiness.

Yes, everybody know that life is rough.
Climbing the montain.
Swimming the ocean.
But also give thanks for everything.
From a little until bigger.

How can make the life pretty looking.
The sadness, hopeless, make just like a black spot on face.
But everybody still can see how beautiful that life you create.
Remember, only life that you and He create.

Tell me where the wind of happiness.
For me it's just hiding now.
But sometime i believe i can find it.

I miss for the time i walk not only by my self.
I miss time i waste my time with a joke and happiness crying.
It's a dream for every human.
Especially for who dream and trust.

But, how matter this time take me to the deepest.
And make me confusing differences of dream and reality.
But i should move on.
And paddle my boat as my life.
I just believe nothing best left for every creation that Our Father planned.
Just wait for that time and keep hoping in Him.

Because, just for Lord i'm alive.
For me, waiting and struggling is not different.
Because i just believe, some day we'll see the beautiful of us.

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