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Monday, July 2, 2012

show me how to forget my dream

tired being confused
tired just dreaming but you never make it comes true
tired just waiting till the time it's never happen
tired saying with you, because it's just end with anger

don't you know i was just crying
and you never know or you pretend you don't know
and don't you know you break my heart
and please don't treat me like robot
because i'm not so patient
and i'm emotional

please come my mood back
you never know i just want a holiday
i just want to see what i want to see
and it's hard for you to make it happen?

and then you tell me to make her happy
give her a cake for the happiest day
and you forget what more important that just a cake!
for me you always forget, right?

can you stop the time?
for you just thinking and thinking
for you just make me waiting and waiting
no more chance, don't you know?

i just want sleeping all the time
forget what my heart feel
hope after a long sleep i can forget all
but i'd already tried and it's vain only

please, if you mind of your money
and don't want to see me smiling,
tell me that yesterday just a dream
and i will make a smile on my face by myself

i will walking with my own way
and maybe lie to you
it's ok, right?
actually i can make my sins less

and i forget how to smile deepest my heart
because don't you know you always like yours
and forget mine

forget what you want forget
do what you want do
because really i know i'm nothing for you
yes when i was crying you never want to know
and you just went trough

it's ok you do that to me
just want to tell you
i'm not ok and i always cry, now behind you
you have all but you have love?

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