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Sunday, July 22, 2012

the reality and faith

This life just make me thinking and thinking.
For every dreams i beg.
For every hope i pray.
For every happiness i need.

I'm sure you and i don't too far to get happiness.
You just wait for the best you will be.
Yes now you're not but someday it will be.

But just forgive me if i just give up.
And i don't support you.
Because i just thinking, how's this life show me the reality and faith.

Just like yin and yang?
White and black?
Dark and bright?
It seem just like you and me.

What kind of happiness i create for you?
Nothing i do.
Because i can't make happiness for me.
How can i make happiness for you?

Do you remember?
For all the vow you made.
I remember all.
But i just think that it's far away for me.

Look at me, nothing from me make you better.
I just can think but i can't speak.
I just can dream but i can't make it real.
I just can cry but i can't make a smile after.

Nothing from me make you stronger.
And it's because how this life show me the sky and earth be one.

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