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Friday, August 10, 2012

nothing is vain in You

i still asking for a question, never answer, because i never ask.
for me is a mystery never solve.
i just need breathing, out of my routines,
dreaming high as i can,
doing what i wan to do,
need some new wind to blow up my mind.
just like standing on the beach, seaside.
feel the wind, see the blue sky, and hear the sound of sea.
i want to forget all the darkness at night.
hiding and seeking at night, looking up and just seeing black.
no life, no smile, no happiness.
and i just afraid to take the ways that i must through.
my night full with moon, dark and maybe stars around but they're nothing than sun.

everybody wake up for a new hope and for a dream.
they struggle for their life.
they sing for their breath.
they pray for their hope.
and they live with a smile from some special people in their life.
who cheer them up, who care to them, who love them.
who pray for them, and that's spirit of walking through this life.

i never want to have someone else's life.
just walk for my day and my life.
just dream for my future and my life.
just smile for everything happens in my simply life.
because this is my life, that Jesus give to me.
to this minute i'm still breathing.

and for You now i'm struggling, for You want,
forget the hatred, and go on.
because life must go on.
even though no one stand for me to look up at the sky, yes i will.
even though no one show me the way to the happiness, i now where it is.
just looking in deep of my heart, and surely i will get that, happiness.
even though no one change my sorrow day, but with You i know sorrow is nothing.
just remember me how big Your love for me, a little human, a little, one of Your creatures.

and please, just teach me how to have a big dream.
how to be brave to have a dream.
so someday i can fulfill my dream.
and one thing that You know what i really want.
You know, i always beg You every night in my prayer.
just make me patient to wait, because everyday You give to me,
i learn something, and nothing is vain in You.

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