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Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's always ok

I think every thing happen for reason, but i know now not everything you can understand, it's just only a mystery. In the box, inside, and you never know even you try to open and see what the inside is.

This is life, right? You never know the next, what after a hard work, a success or a failed? 

This is life, right? Even you try hard and harder, no one will say it's the best, people may say everything about you, complain about something, gossip, but you always know more than people do. You know who you are.

This is life, right? Fight for your life, dream high as you can dream it. Feel the meaning of life, and be thankful about everything that given to you. Little or bigger.

This is life, right? Just enjoy every second, as the best part that you can feel. Dont think too much about things that you can't understand. Lord always give us the best, right? Every one of you, include me. So i try to make a little smile on my face, if something doesn't happen as what i want, it's always ok. I just don't want to complain, it's always ok when i still have the best God beside me.

Bedroom, on holiday, 3 july 2013

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